NC Botanical Garden


The North Carolina Botanical Garden has preserved the flora of the vanishing natural habitats of our state. This quilt reflects the outdoor Architecture, flora and fauna, trellises, brick paths, and particularly the pitcher plants of this garden.

This quilt was first shown at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens in 2000. It was selected for the Winter Show in 2001 at Green Hill Center in Greensboro, NC. Then it was chosen in 2002 for the Quilts from the Carolina’s show at the Mint Museum of Craft + Design in Charlotte, NC and was showcased with a lighted print by the Museum’s front door. From there it was selected by the US Ambassador to Guatemala for the Art in Embassies program and traveled to Guatemala to the Embassy Residence for three years. In 2007 it was invited by Jerry Jackson to be in a show at Roanoke Island Festival Park called Pocosin Arts, Creative Diversions: Influences of Traditional NC Art and Craft. It also participated in the Art in Embassies Program and hung in the Ambassadors Residence in Lima Peru.