Looking Glass Falls


Looking Glass Rock can be seen from several places on the Blue Ridge Parkway overlook,

These are the quilted words: “Try to Remember the first time that you saw a waterfall, rolling, misting, spray, roaring–You heard it from far away, you felt it on your face. Try to remember being barefoot in a cold clear clean mountain stream feeling your way with your toes among the smooth and sharp rocks. When you remember, then stay those feet from kicking that empty beer can. Try to remember your little wiggling hand being held firmly in your Mother’s strong hand. Try to remember your little wing-like hand breaking free to grasp for those sparkling stones. When you remember, stop that hand from flicking that cigarette, flinging that plastic bag. Try to remember riding in the backseat looking out the windows as trees and trees and more trees raced by. Try to remember riding down and up the highway seeing homes that were individual, and cows and goats and horses. When you remember stop clear cutting, stop slashing and burning and paint your homes your favorite colors. Try to remember running racing ahead going off the beaten path finding a wildflower that you had never seen before. Try to remember stopping on a rock in the forest, listening, hearing the song of a bird that you had never heard before. When you remember, stop leaving your wrappers, stop taking the flowers, and leave the berries for the birds. Try to remember running water so clean and clear that you can see the tiniest fishes and all the colors in the tiniest pebbles. Try to remember that cold sparkling water running tickling over you toes, smelling so fresh and making you thirsty. When you remember, be a good steward of the clear, clean, fresh water that you encounter in your life ”

This quilt was selected for the 2005 Artspace New Works show juried by Juan Logan. In 2006, it was a finalist in American Quilters Society Show and Contest in Paducah,KY, then it went to the Pennslyvania National Quilt Extravanza in New Hope, Pa and Craftforms in Wayne, Pa; and in 2007 it went to the Blue Ridge Parkway show at Blue Spiral 1 gallery in Asheville, NC. In 2008, this quilt was selected for the show titled “A Tear in the Fabric, The Conceptually Driven Quilt” Exhibition San Luis Obispo, CA; In 2009, it went to Carlsbad CA for the Fiber Artists Collective show at the Front Porch Gallery; In 2010, it was included in a solo exhibition at Mims Gallery, Wesleyan, Rocky Mount, NC and Hodges-Taylor Gallery at the Carillon, Charlotte, NC; In 2011: “River Quilts” Invitational; National Quilt Museum, Paducah KY; In 2013 it was part of a solo exhibition in Raleigh NC at Lee Hansley’s Gallery and then also In 2013 this quilt was chosen for a “Piedmont Craftsmen Invitational” to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and shown at Blue Spiral 1 Gallery, Asheville, NC