Falls at Graveyard Fields


Graveyard Fields is a trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway between Waynesville, NC and Asheville. It has two magnificent waterfalls that I particularly enjoy visiting.. In the year 1999 on our family’s annual visit, my teenage sons frightened me so very much with their play fighting on the falls. I threatened them both on the spot that if they didn’t immediately cease and desist, this story would be transformed into a quilt!! They weren’t afraid. As a consequence, this quilt was created! I featured the two culprits posing defiantly on a very dangerous set of boulders with the falls flowing precipitously around. The autumn colors in the trees at the top of the falls only slightly camouflage the dangerous wild animals lurking about! I have seen these creatures (except for the Grizzly and the wolf inserted to increase the sense of danger) on the Parkway as a child growing up close by in Wilkesboro, N.C. I frightened my own parents quite frequently playing recklessly on the falls and trails of the glorious Blue Ridge Parkway.

This quilt was shown at Blue Spiral 1 gallery in Asheville, NC in 2004 and again in 2007 for their Blue Ridge Parkway shows.
In 2013 it was part of a solo exhibition in Raleigh NC at Lee Hansley’s Gallery and then also In 2013 this quilt was chosen for a “Piedmont Craftsmen Invitational” to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and shown at Blue Spiral 1 Gallery, Asheville, NC