Balance the Scales of World Justice

This quilt is a plea for world justice. The doves of Peace hold the Scales of Justice, because without them, peace is rendered an impossible goal. The same scale must weigh us all.

Our children must be educated so that everyone may share the benefits of freedom and the ability to express this freedom through art, music, and literature.

The ongoing societal experiments of egalitarianism and libertarianism confirm the need for justice to be ever-present in our thoughts.

Liberty, equality, unity, faith and love are only words on paper (or, in this case, fabric) without the presence of justice. Can we be indivisible in our striving to balance the scales? This quilt was published in 1999 in Kaleidoscope, New Quilts from and Old Favorite. It was shown in my first Municipal Building Show in Raleigh, NC and was sold in 2005.

This quilt hangs in a private residence in Raleigh, NC