Hurricane Fran


My community was cut off from technological luxuries and basic necessities for eleven days. We used pond water to flush toilets and used the less available bottled water for drinking. As I sat quilting, watching the ladybugs crawl across my window, I was thankful that I was spared the destruction of my home.

I wanted to communicate concepts using fabric that I couldnt express in words. There was beauty and order in one of the most chaotic and powerful forces of nature. The profound quiet of a community without electricity, the shocking wonder of huge trees fallen in orderly array, the blossoming forth of formerly hibernating insects and sun starved flowers urgently inspired this quilt.

That inspiration became a mission for my work. To communicate ideas, express feelings, tell stories and create order from chaos; to unite and enhance diverse fabric designs and colors with intricate piecing and hand quilting on fabric design lines.

This quilt was published in Fiber Arts Book Six 1999, was shown in Japan for 1998: International Quilt Week Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan, and in the 1998: Pacific International Quilt, Santa Clara, CA and on PBS/1997 NC State Fair–interview, and on ABC local news/Don Ross Journal, March 1999

Available from Ann’s Studio