About Ann

“Ann Harwell re-creates the natural world in extremely detailed quilts, which combine geometrical , abstract patterns with representational images.  Composed of hundreds of tiny pieces of jewel-colored and patterned fabrics, her quilts include works based on outer space, astral phenomena and landscapes inspired by gardens and arboretums.  She turns landscapes and galaxies into Cubist compositions of prismatic and fractured planes, enlivening the surfaces of her quilts with a mesmerizing sense of motion.”

Linda Dougherty, Curator NC Museum of Art


“Her incredible attention to detail is readily apparent.  These quilts are very nearly three-dimensional, a cornucopia of dazzling images that fairly jumps off the cloth.  They emote the power and savor of Cubist paintings”

Marsha Barber,  Asheville Mountain Express


” The work of Ann Harwell is colorful, intricate and superbly organized. Her art, produced on an ordinary sewing machine, consists of wonderfully crafted quilt tapestries that often point  outward to bright areas in our night sky – nebulae and spiral galaxies.  Harwell makes a cohesiveness happen,often through the amazing deftness of her stitchery that may flow from and unite entirely disparate patterns.  Her floral work, though apparently simpler when viewed from a distance, reveal complexities of shape, pattern and color that mark them as distinctly Harwellian.”

Max Halpern, Raleigh News & Observer


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Artist Statement

“My quilts are to communicate ideas, express feelings and tell stories. I especially want to unite and enhance diverse fabric designs and colors with intricate, precision piecing and exorbitant quilting. I start with an original rough drawing, draft a straight-line design, and then transfer the design to pattern material. Each piece of cotton fabric (hand-dyed, batik, commercial cottons) is selected, individually precision cut, and sewn together with my 1945 Singer Featherweight machine. My quilts are constructed like fine garments, with great attention to detail: seams are strong and straight, corners are sharp and points are precise. After the pieced top is constructed, I layer the top, cotton batting and a whole cloth cotton backing. Finally, I add a surface design with a straight stitch sewing machine, quilting free hand through all the layers and adding hand-made bias binding. In order to hang the quilts, I hand apply a sleeve for the aluminum bar made especially for the quilt.”

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