Variable star V838, Monocerotis lies near the edge of our Milky Way Galaxy, about 20,000 light years from the sun. This star was nominated as the most mysterious star in the Universe because of the expanding shell of dust light echoes, light years in diameter. Stellar evolution will continue for the next decade transforming V838 from a small under-luminous star to a cool super giant. scientific information taken from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day

This quilt was displayed in the “Uncommon Threads” Exhibit at Fayetteville Museum of Art Jan20th -Mar12th 2006, It was accepted into a national touring show “IQA Sky’s the Limit”and was shown in Chicago, Illinois and Portland, Oregon from September 07 to August 08

In 2013 this quilt was chosen for a “Piedmont Craftsmen Invitational” to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and shown at Blue Spiral 1 Gallery, Asheville, NC

Shown at the “Light of the Stars” Exhibit in Bethesda, Maryland, November 22 through December 28, 2015