Appearing like a winged fairy-tale creature poised on a pedestal, this object is actually a billowing tower of cold gas and dust rising from a stellar nursery called the Eagle Nebula. The soaring tower is 9.5 light-years or about 57 trillion miles high, about twice the distance from our Sun to the next nearest star. The dominant colors in the image were produced by gas energized by the star clusters powerful ultraviolet light. The blue color at the top is from glowing oxygen. The red color in the lower region is from glowing hydrogen.

The Eagle Nebula image that inspired this quilt was taken in November 2004 with the Advanced Camera for Surveys aboard NASA Hubble Space Telescope.

Scientific Information from NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

This quilt was shown in the Uncommon Threads Exhibition Jan-Mar06 at the Fayetteville Museum of Art and later in 2006 it was selected for the Fine Contemporary Craft show at Artspace, Raleigh, NC, and in 2008 it was shown at the Women’s History Celebration at Fort Bragg Officer’s Club in Fayetteville, NC. ; In 2009 it was chosen by Melissa Peedin for City of Raleigh’s Municipal Building’s Block Gallery Retrospective; SAQA Creative Force ‘10 traveling show, Houston, Cincinnati, Long Beach, Columbus OH,–International Quilt Festival-Long Beach,July 29-31, 2011–Ohio Craft Museum, Columbus, Ohio, September 11, 2011 – October 30, 2011 Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, Montana, March 22 – June 10, 2012, ’In 2013 it was part of a solo exhibition in Raleigh NC at Lee Hansley’s Gallery and then also In 2013 this quilt was chosen for a “Piedmont Craftsmen Invitational” to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and shown at Blue Spiral 1 Gallery, Asheville, NC

Shown at the “Light of the Stars” Exhibit in Bethesda, Maryland, November 22 through December 28, 2015