I had been thinking of doing this piece after looking at a series of tiny black and white photos that my Grandmother Ward had in one of her boxes that I inherited. When I magnified the photos I found that Family members were running in the church yard and one of the car doors had been left open! Not really knowing why, I started to imagine that a terrible storm was coming. I listen to NPR while working in my studio, and the stories about climate change grow more compelling every day. Apathy and denial seem to be gaining ground every day as well. Everyone has a different view about the causes and the remedies. The need for awareness and an urgency about what we can do as people who were brought up in the Christian church and admonished to care for the earth really drove me internally. This is what I can do.

Quilted on this piece are these words from Ezekiel 13: 11 “When a torrent of rain comes and the hailstones crash down and the hurricane sweeps in and the wall collapses what is the good of the whitewash that you slapped on so liberally? ”

In 2013 this quilt was chosen for a “Piedmont Craftsmen Invitational” to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and shown at Blue Spiral 1 Gallery, Asheville, NC

In 2014 “Climate Change” was selected and shown in Houston Oct30-Nov2 for the 2014 International Quilt Festival

Sold and hangs in a private residence in Fresno, CA