This quilt, dedicated to my Uncle Thomas Jefferson Byrum is a visual representation of my childhood family reunion site. It is childhood memories that I have captured with fabric, memories that cannot be recreated because many treasured family members are gone and can never return to Ocean Isle. This is what I remember about Ocean Isle of the 1950s and 1960s. The center of the quilt features fresh water flora and fauna in the swampy area where we went crabbing and fishing. The Egrets nest with eggs is in the center with grassy paths stretching through the dunes onto the beach. Only a few of the varieties of the thousands of shells that we cousins gathered are represented. We all rode the waves with our Fathers and older cousins who allowed us a little more dangerous freedom than our Mothers and Aunts on the beach. Occasionally we glimpsed marine wildlife in and under the waves. My Uncle Tom Byrum never missed the sunrise on Ocean Isle that you can see beyond the waves.

This quilt traveled to several juried shows including EUROGA 2002, Monchengladbach, Germany, and was published in American Quilter Magazine, Spring 2000 and in the book Batik for Artists and Quilters, it was in the Art in Embassies Program 2005-2006 and was displayed in the United States Ambassadors Residence in Indonesia. In 2007, it was invited by Jerry Jackson to be in a show at Roanoke Island Festival Park called Pocosin Arts, Creative Diversions Influences of Traditional NC Art and Craft.

Available from Ann’s Studio